The Law May Be On Your Side, But Prosecutors Probably Aren’t

This evidences that prosecutors — and this is not true of simply this prosecutor, prosecutors all over the country — this guy is disappointed that he won’t be able to potentially put these 14 human beings in cages because they’re going to be found justified as acts of self-defense. So that says to me, he’s not looking for, ‘Oh, I wanna do justice.” He’s looking for convictions. And that’s a problem with self-defense-laws all over the country and the way that they’re enforced. 

— Emily Taylor in Prosecutors Hate Self-Defense

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  1. Some prosecutors seem to value the bad guys lives over the good guys.
    And it is as if prosecutors don’t care if the good guy dies so that the bad guy’s family will not mourn.
    What happened to “right” and “wrong”?

    Smells more like revenge rather than justice!
    Yes revenge because the prosecutors are mad that the good guy had the means by which to protect himself.

    Some prosecutors are in the class of the bad guys.

    1. “Some prosecutors seem to value the bad guys lives over the good guys.”

      It’s pretty easy to determine beforehand where the problem is, simply by looking at who’s in charge in those areas.

      I’m fortunate where I live, other people in other areas may not be so fortunate. If you value your 2A rights and decide to relocate (job transfer, for example) to another area, keep that in mind as you carry….

  2. The country has been upside down since the communist cultural revolution of the 1960s. The “Swingin’ Sixties” were the worst thing to ever happen in this country.

    1. “The country has been upside down since the communist cultural revolution of the 1960s.”

      It’s in the process of changing back to our favor, and the Leftist Scum ™ have their heads firmly in the sand with their fingers in their ears while saying “La, dee, da, La dee da…).

      They were counting on changing demographics (the Latino influx) to save them as the old, fat, white conservative guys died off, without realizing the poor folks down south moving in have no interest in that brand of politics.

      In two or three election cycles, those Latino voters will be voting for us. They’ve experienced first-hand what happens to country when they go hard left, and want zero part of their pretty lies of free healthcare and everything will be wonderful.

      By the time they wake up, they will be the ones insisting on a secure border border wall. They have zero interest in being a ‘LatinX’ anything, they want to be Americans, *period*.

      And it’s gonna be so much fun to watch first-hand… 😉

      1. I see Hispanic culture everywhere I go in middle America. Very few framers, roofers, and masons speak English on the construction sites around here. They’re always playing music that isn’t American. They no longer have to assimilate.

        Hispanics have never voted for a Republican on a national level in the history of this country. The ones that are switching parties are legal citizens, and they’re usually in states that already vote for Republicans. There will be a constant stream of anchor babies to replace them and vote for Dems like they always have, even if they switch parties for this election cycle.

        A shared history, culture, and language will be nonexistent in another 2-3 generations of Dem immigration policy. Look at the countries these people are coming from. If they’re so great, then why are their countries crap?

        There’s a reason they’re doing this. They want a more compliant population without our history of fighting for what we uniquely view as inherent rights.

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