World Shooting and Shooting the Moon

World Shooting Championships
Courtesy Shooting Sports USA

The NRA World Shooting Championships had a little of everything this past week at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. From raging thunderstorms to near-numbing cold, and even a smattering of sunshine, there was something (miserable) for everyone.

When it wrapped up, a new name emerged as champion and laid claim to the title of World’s Greatest All-Around Shooter…at least until next year when the competition begins again. Hopefully, Indiana weather will be a bit more accommodating.

When all the scores were tallied, pro shooter Brian Shanholtz claimed the overall title, along with the $25,000 check for coming out on top of a very strong pro field. In winning, Shanholtz topped Nils Johansson, Greg Jordan, Samuel Lawing and Tim Yackley, the finishers in second through fifth places, respectively. Both Jordan and Yackley are past champions.

It got even better for Shanholtz when his son, Cole Shanholtz, took home the title of High Junior along with a $1,000 check.

The NRA World Shooting Championship turned into a family affair when Brian Shanholtz and his son, Cole, took home top pro and high junior titles…and a pretty good payday. Here, NRA Board Members Bob Barr (far left) and Charles Hiltunen III (far right) pose with all the winners at Saturday’s award ceremonies. (Cole McCulloch photo)
In the women’s pro category, Lanny (a/k/a Lanny Oakley) Barnes took top honors, with Becky Yackley, Gabby Franco, Tristin Burris and Jennifer Blake finishing second through fifth, respectively. Stephen Ferguson took the top overall amateur title.
It was a long week for the staff and volunteers at the World Shoot, from the first day’s nasty weather to the long teardown after the event. Since they were only a few miles removed from the direct path of yesterday’s eclipse, they finished their teardown (top) stowed their equipment on a conex for next year (center) and gathered for a modest eclipse party (below) before heading home. (Photos by Tom Yost and Cole McCulloch, with permission)

It seems we’ve all survived the eclipse apocalypse…unless you happen to still be stuck in traffic somewhere along its path. There were a variety of commemorative activities, from hot air ballon rides to wedding vows under the shadow, but fortunately we’ve not heard of anything really awful having happened.

It wasn’t a full eclipse here at HQ, but it was enough to remind us that it’s never all about us.

The eclipse wasn’t one of those totality events here at our office, but it was enough to cause some birds to stop chirping, some owls to begin some furtive hooting and old photographers to drag out tripods and telephoto lenses to see just what all the fuss was about. That’s simple. It was enough of a fuss to let us know the universe doesn’t revolve around us, one of those messages we occasionally need to be reminded of.

As always, we’ll keep you posted.

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