How to Preserve Gun Rights: Always Be Moving Faster

The lesson for gun rights then is no different than how Uber, as a scrappy startup, singlehandedly destroyed every century-old taxi cartel in the world: always be moving faster. An OSD Discord subscriber, @Hoffnung, pointed out “1. The AWB compliance parts market, 2. The meteoric rise of 3D prints from proof of concept to fairly practical handguns, SMGs/carbines, and rifles” as good concrete examples here. Same deal with pistol braces, which revolutionized the civilian carbine market.

The “just innovate” ethos also speaks to the ethos underlying gun rights, which is that decentralized power and decision-making is the best way to solve emergencies. More innovation for more people, faster. Even when — especially when — people are shouting that it’s too dangerous and has to be centralized.

Guns are the original e/acc.

— Open Source Defense in Guns as effective accelerationism

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