Good Gear: Fix It Sticks All-In-One Torque Driver Kit

If you do any work on your guns at all — from taking them down and cleaning them to adjusting the comb height on your chassis rifle, mounting a red dot sight or a scope…whatever — you know how much easier the task is when you have good tools to work with. Fix It Sticks makes a range of purpose-designed tools for working on your guns, everything from long-range kits to a GLOCK armorer’s kit to an ultra-complete benchtop kit with a range of torque limiters and room for 48 different quarter-inch hex bits.

Those are all very cool and you may find that one of those “focused” Fix It Sticks kits is exactly what you need. For me, though, their more versatile and mobile options work best.

When they first rolled this one out, Fix It Sticks called the kit I have the All-In-One Torque Driver Kit. It’s now called the Rifle Hunter’s Toolkit with All-In-One Torque Driver. Whatever they call it, as someone who mounts and swaps a lot of optics for testing and reviews, this thing is darn-near indispensable.

Like all of Fix It Sticks’ tools, it’s centered around a magnetized T-handle that takes quarter-inch hex bits. The Hunter’s Toolkit is small and very portable with a single, all-in-one torque driver rather than a range of drivers, each with its own inch-pound settings. They also include a Hoppe’s BoreSnake now.

The all-in-one torque driver lets you set your torqueage between 15 and 65 inch-pounds and ships with 15 commonly-used bits as well as a half-inch socket. It all zips up in a handy nylon pouch that’s easy to toss in your range bag or backpack.

Everything about each component screams quality. If you’ve ever bought cheap-o tools that were made in China, you’ll be able to tell the difference between those and the Fix It Sticks components the minute you pick them up. Yes, you’re going to pay for that quality. But that price is more than worth it for having the right quality tools for the job at your fingertips whenever you need them.

Fathers Day is coming up. So is Mothers Day. If you’re a gun owner start dropping hints with your progeny now. You’ll be glad you did.

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