This is What Happens to a Disarmed Populace: More Than 130 Dead in Moscow Concert Hall Attack

Moscow Crocus City Hall terrorist attack

As if we needed still another example of the dangers of creating gun-free zones, especially among a largely disarmed populace, we now have last night’s attack by rifle-wielding Islamic State terrorists on a Moscow concert hall. As in all of these situations, initial reports are frequently confused and incorrect in their details, but something known as ISIS-K, based in Afghanistan and Turkey, carried out an assault on Moscow’s Crocus City Hall concert venue apparently killing scores of people and setting the building on fire.

The New York Times puts the number of dead at over 60, but a later AP report quotes Russian officials claiming current number 133 dead with many more wounded.

Several camouflage-clad gunmen opened fire at a popular concert venue on the outskirts of Moscow on Friday night, killing about 60 people and wounding more than 100, Russian authorities said, making it the deadliest attack in the capital region in more than a decade.

Hours after the mayhem began, the Russian national guard said its officers were still looking for the attackers. State media agencies reported that there had been up to five perpetrators.

As gunshots boomed through the building containing the concert hall, one of the largest and most popular music venues in the Moscow area, fire erupted in the upper floors of the structure, and the blaze intensified after an explosion, causing the roof to collapse.

The Islamic State, through an affiliated news agency, claimed responsibility. U.S. security officials, including a senior counterterrorism official, said they believed the attack was carried out by the Islamic State in Khorasan, a branch of the terrorist group that is active in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran. They spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

From the Daily Mail . . .

Alexei, a music producer visiting the concert, told AFP he heard ‘several machine gun bursts and a terrible female scream. Then a lot of screams. Just three or four bursts and then there were a few more’.

‘There is some shooting here,’ said one eyewitness at the venue. ‘They are shooting from a machine gun. They are shooting at the crowd.’

Another witness added: ‘I heard shooting, I don’t remember how many shots.

‘I ran into the hall. I didn’t see what was happening there, but eyewitnesses later said that people in camouflage, possibly Arabic, burst in.

‘They started shooting, possibly hit the concert equipment, and someone got out of the hall in a panic.

‘We hid behind a fence near the dress circle, there was some kind of cabinet there – we pulled our legs together and hid.

‘They opened an emergency exit for us, and we ran out in a panic without coats.’

A third eyewitness said: ‘Nothing was announced at first. We were already lying on the floor between the chairs.

‘They said nothing, absolutely nothing. We just lay there and didn’t know what to do.’

Some of the terrorists reportedly got out of the building and a search is under way for them in Moscow.

Despite warnings of the possibility of terrorist attacks in Russia, no one apparently provide any armed resistance to the attackers. None of the concertgoers had a chance of defending themselves. After all, they were in a “gun-free” zone. Another apt name for such places is a killing field for opportunistic psychopaths intent on murder and destruction.

A lot of Americans naively think something like this could never happen here. They blithely comply with “no guns” signs posted on the doors to office buildings, malls, public transportation, and at other public venues such as the one in Moscow.

But this kind of thing has happened here, though on a smaller scale. And given that America has allowed almost seven million people to enter the country illegally though open borders, the chances of it happening again and on a large scale haven’t been reduced. If you don’t own a gun, buy one. If you haven’t been carrying your gun, start. As John Boch likes to say, denial has no survival value.

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  1. Open borders, here, in the USA.

    Prayers for the victims and families.

    Alex Jones is reporting that, two weeks ago, the US Embassy in Moscow warned US citizens to avoid public venues.

    Nothing is as it seems.

    1. “Alex Jones is reporting that, two weeks ago, the US Embassy in Moscow warned US citizens to avoid public venues.”

      In all fairness, I wouldn’t like the odds of my Ruger LCR against a half-dozen real-deal Kalashnikovs.

      But, wait, don’t they tell us things like that only happen in America?

      They wouldn’t lie, would they???

      1. They tell us things like white supremacists are the greatest terrorist threat. I assume the gunmen in this story are the Arabic face of white supremacy.

      2. You might have stopped the attack with your 5 shot 38 revolver. Because a good guy with a gun did just that. In Africa in a church. And he was against a dozen men with AKs and grenades.

    2. We had 9/11, and our world changed. On the West Coast, a few years ago we had Route 91 (Vegas), and concerts changed. Four years ago we had the global scamdemic, and the compliant sheep were groomed to do as they were told and wore the face diapers while telling their neighbors to follow orders from our overlords. And now a Federal judge has ruled that those who entered the U.S. illegally (a criminal misdemeanor at first offense, a felony for second offense, 8 U.S. Code § 1325), may possess firearms, effectively giving permission to the millions of these criminals who have entered the U.S. And AI is now admittedly being used by the FBI, the IRS, and LE (think LPR cameras on stoplights and patrol cars) to unconstitutionally scrape everyone’s data in the background and track all our transactions and movements.

      This all smacks of a long-game setup for a declaration of martial law and suppression of liberties. Another event – or series of events – will happen here, I’m certain.

      1. Haz,

        Agree…once the signal goes out, violence will erupt across the country. Then, these episodes will beg .gov to save them. Marshall Law.

        Just a question of when. Before the election to prevent the election, of after the steal when no one accepts the results?

        Pattern recognition…an integral survival skill.

        1. Last week, Ron Paul told Tucker Carlson, “…when the next black swan event happens, your guns and stored food won’t help…”

          He believes one will be orchestrated sometime this year to envelope our lives like none before it ever has.

  2. I’m always armed. And my guns have lasers on them. Which really helps in dark rooms in an off hand return fire situation.

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