Anti-Gun Dems Unleash a New Horror on America’s Gun Owners

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  1. Nice!
    Romero’s original 3 ‘dead’ movies (Night, Dawn, Day) are phenomenal. Anything after isn’t worth one’s time, IMO.
    Also, if you’ve never seen “Return of the Living Dead” (1985) [not related to Romero’s movies], I’d highly recommend it. (First one only. Skip any subsequent.) The lines from the attic scene are classic 80’s camp:
    “…but I don’t care darling because I love you and you’ve got to let me eat your brrrraaaaaaiiiiiiinnns!”

    1. I saw the original 1968 one for the first time a few years ago in a movie theater around Halloween. It was better than I thought it would be. That ending… I remember Return from ’85 being fun when I saw it.

    2. Those movies are so predictable, if the teenagers start getting it on, one of them is about to die a grisly death… 😉

  2. Lefty says:

    Recycle your glass.
    Recycle your paper.
    Recycles your plastics.
    Recycle your batteries.
    Recycle your clothing.
    Recycle your scrap metal.
    Bur never….NEVER, EVER, recycle gun parts.

    Recycling is good. But, oh yeah, my EV batteries are not recyclable, but, since they are intrinsically good, no matter. The same with un-recyclable wind turbine blades, and un-recylable solar panels. They are intrinsically good, so it is OK to add them to the trash heap when we are done with them.

    But gun parts are intrinsically EVIL. Never recycle them.

    1. speaking of batteries …. in 2023, nationwide, Lithium-ion batteries were responsible for fires that killed 837 people and seriously injured 3,132 people.

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