Elderly Idaho Woman Fatally Shoots Bigger, Stronger Home Invader

Derek Condon in better days. (Photo courtesy Bingham County Sheriff’s Office)

What happens when a frail, elderly woman faces off against a much larger, physically stronger young man who’s attacking her? If she has a gun in hand, she might just shoot him if he doesn’t leave. That’s what happened in Buckfoot, Idaho as gallant Derek Condon, 39, tried to victimize an old woman in her own home.

The intruder apparently battered her seriously enough that she needed an ambulance ride to the hospital. By the time the law arrived in response to her 911 call, her attacker only needed a body bag and a van to transport him to the morgue.

The Bingham County Sheriff’s Office called it a case of self-defense. “She was harmed but protected herself.” As for the dead intruder, it wasn’t his first rodeo with the law, but it was his last.

The Idaho State Journal has more:

A home invasion turned deadly for the intruder on Wednesday north of Blackfoot, authorities said.

The Bingham County Sheriff’s Office said the elderly female homeowner fatally shot the adult male suspect during the home invasion that occurred around noon at a residence at 134 West 600 North in the Rose area.

The elderly woman suffered injuries during the incident and was transported via ambulance to a local hospital. She’s expected to survive, the Sheriff’s Office said. Her name hasn’t been released.

“She was harmed but protected herself,” the Sheriff’s Office said in a Wednesday news release.

The adult male suspect was dead when sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene after the home invasion was reported to the county’s 911 center.

The Bingham County Coroner’s Office identified the deceased suspect as Derek Ephriam Condon, 39, of Blackfoot.

Derek didn’t count on a little old woman having a gun to defend herself and her home. He probably thought she’d be a pushover victim. Clearly, not only did he think wrong, but he paid for his error with his life.

Frankly, at 39-years-old Condon should have known better as he lived in Idaho. The good folks who live in the Gem State love their guns. If you break into their homes and start beating on them, you’re likely to be perforated. Repeatedly. Thus endeth the lesson.

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  1. Tax $$$ Saved… Grandma should be given a bounty for doing so. Say 5% of the potential savings to the taxpayer.

  2. This elderly lady and her late husband were Olympic shooting judges. Her late son owned a gun shop. Best to know who you’re messing with.

  3. Sad that this man has committed previous crimes and is still free to commit more. This should not have happened at all. Do better people! Elect better leaders! Thank goodness for good people with guns who know how to use them to protect themselves and others. Crazy times we live in!

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