Home Invader Jumps 3 Stories Rather Than Face Atlanta Armed Homeowner

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You thought you had a bad day? A home invader in Atlanta realized he’d made a profound error in his victim selection process bright and early Tuesday morning. He’d chosen a cop’s third-floor apartment to refine his budding burglary/home invadion career. Once inside, he woke the off-duty cop who grabbed his gun and extended a hot welcome by firing at the intruder.

At that point, Mr. Intruder opted to beat a hasty retreat from the apartment rather than face more hot lead. News reports didn’t mention if he jumped through a window or off a balcony, but either way, he didn’t take the stairs.

On the upside, the un-named intruder escaped without being shot. In fact, he remained uninjured while attempting his best impersonation of Superman soaring through the early morning air.

Unfortunately the abrupt landing 30 feet below proved…troublesome. There he suffered non-life-threatening injuries and got a complimentary ride to the hospital for treatment.  From there, his next tour stop is the county jail.

From WSB-TV:

Investigators say an off-duty Atlanta police officer fired at a man who tried to break into the officer’s apartment.

It happened around 5 a.m. Tuesday at the Dwell at the View apartment complex at 1620 Hollywood Road NW.

Police say the officer, who was home and off-duty at the time, grabbed a gun and fired toward the man…

A resident, who declined to give his name and speak on camera, told Channel 2′s Bryan Mims that the apartment complex has recently been hit with several break-ins and other crimes.

Does anyone else want to bet that the apartment complex break-ins will cease as this news breaks?

Folks, keep your home defense firearm readily accessible as you sleep. Don’t store it somewhere else in the house locked up in a safe with the ammunition stored elsewhere.

When you’re awake, home carry with a comfortable holster is easily the best place to store your carry piece. With a good holster you should almost forget you’re wearing it. What’s more, your safety rescue tool remains available at a moment’s notice and it’s inaccessible to unauthorized people.

Owning a gun is an important first step to defending yourself and your home. Because when seconds count, police are just minutes away. At best.

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  1. I would have paid good money to see some video of said antics. Hopefully the sh!tbird stuck the landing with a compound fracture or two.d

  2. 3 stories?

    That would have be at least a shattered ankle or 2.

    (Something I never want to repeat, unless I knew the eventual payout was as good as the last time…)

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