Wyoming Bank Created to Counter Operation Choke Point Suing Federal Reserve

We’ve seen unprecedented attacks against “disfavored” industries going back to the Obama years. Naturally, firearm sales and related commerce – activities that are constitutionally protected – fell into category of targeted businesses. The Obama era Operation Choke Point used the power of the federal government to “encourage” banks, insurers and other service providers.  Today we’re […]

House Hearing Delves Into Why the Federal Government is Tracking Gun and Ammo Purchases

The U.S. House of Representatives Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government asked pointed questions to several Biden administration officials to get answers to why the federal government is working against the American people instead of for them. The Hearing on the Weaponization of the Federal Government delved into questions of why the […]

KAK Industry Mini Shockwave Pistol Brace Kits

I recently reviewed KAK Industry’s Mini MilSpec Buffer System as a way to trim some inches off of your compact builds. Now they just released a Shockwave Mini Brace kit that will use the short buffer tubes, too. It’s a good option for folks who want more compact pistol builds and don’t want to go […]

Armed Citizen Patrols in Hartford Cause ‘Concern’ Among Civilian Disarmament Types

When police can’t or won’t enforce the rule of law, armed Americans will do it for them. It happened in Ferguson, Missouri a decade ago with Oathkeepers standing on rooftops to end the Michael Brown riots. It happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin courtesy of Kyle Rittenhouse.  And today, in Hartford, Connecticut, some civic-minded, mostly black gun […]