Armed Citizen Shoots, Kills Man Stabbing Las Cruces Police Officer [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

Screen capture by Boch via Youtube.

Graphic bodycam video shows the moment Las Cruces Police Officer Jonah Hernandez was attacked and stabbed to death last month. It marked the first officer killed in the line of duty in that city in over 100 years. Cops say 29-year-old Armando Silva killed the officer before a good guy with a gun shot Silva repeatedly, ending the attack.

Sadly, the bystander’s engagement didn’t happen in time to save the officer’s life. Silva had a long criminal history and was allegedly mental ill as well.

The bodycam video is extremely graphic.

Police One has part of the story.

A New Mexico police officer died after he was stabbed by a suspect, who was shot and killed by a witness to the attack on Sunday evening, police said.

Las Cruces Patrol Officer Jonah Hernandez was stabbed at least once shortly before 5 p.m. after responding to a report of a trespasser on South Valley Drive, the Las Cruces Police Department said in a statement posted on social media.

A witness to the attack used the officer’s police radio to call for help after the stabbing, but Hernandez died after he was transported to MountainView Regional Medical Center in Las Cruces, police said.

The suspect, a 29-year-old man, was believed to have been shot and killed by the same witness, according to police, who did not release the suspect’s identity pending notification of his next of kin.

Hernandez was a former resident of El Paso, Texas, who had served with the Las Cruces police for two years, the statement said.

The Las Cruces police said additional information will be shared later in the week.

An armed citizen saw what happened. Silva tried to attack him too . . .

“A witness saw the unprovoked attack, retrieved a firearm from their vehicle and confronted the murderer. Silva tried to attack the witness and was shot at least once. Silva later died from his injuries.”

Hernandez’s bodycam video shows the significance of the 21-foot-rule (aka the Tueller Drill) and the reactionary gap. Officer Jonah Hernandez simply didn’t have time to react when the suspect pulled a knife attacked him.

At the same time, Silva was very fast with the knife, inflicting multiple stab wounds in seconds before the bystander shot him repeatedly.

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  1. Poor tactics will get you hurt. Or killed. At least Jonah’s death will help the prudent among us to maintain situational awareness & good tactics.

    RIP Jonah.

  2. Not worth opening a YouTube account to see. They don’t need to have my email address and phone number.

    1. “Not worth opening a YouTube account to see.”

      Same here, does anyone know if it’s on Rumble or another platform?

      1. Same here as well, though I did create a generic one a short while back, through Tor, an IP address away from my home, a PC that wasn’t mine, a Protonmail account, and a random username. I’ve signed in to YT maybe five times total since then, and always from an IP/PC away from home.

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