Del-Ton’s Compact DT20 9mm Pistol Has High Capacity and a Unique Design

Del-Ton has been around in the AR world for a good number of years, first as a parts supplier and later as a manufacturer of complete rifles. It’s always been AR-related products though, so imagine my surprise when I popped in at SHOT to see what kind of retro carry handle goodness they were offering […]

The Meta Quest 3 Makes VR Firearms Training Much More Useable

Last month, I reviewed AceXR, a VR program that’s actually useful for firearms training. Until very recently, I had been using an Oculus Quest 2 (pre-Meta, but basically identical) to run the app. The motion tracking, the realistic “handset” that makes the gun feel real in the hand, and the realistic physics makes for an […]

Felony Stupid: Hammer-Wielding Man Tries To Force Entry To Rural Texas Residence

Intruder home invasion burglar hammer night dark

What happens to bad guys in Texas who try to force entry upon residences while armed with a hammer? They stand a significant chance of suffering gunshot wounds. Sometimes multiple gunshot wounds. Particularly in the Lone Star State. An unnamed man committed a profound error in the victim selection process last week in Denison, Texas. […]