Even When They’re Not Senile, They Don’t Acknowledge Good Guys With Guns Exist

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  1. Hello, Grace!

    Biden is the only one in that cartoon that is make believe.

    The Easter basket I look forward to every year is all the proof I need about the Easter Bunny.

    And, in these parts, we are all good guys/gals with guns. Well, most of us, anyway.

  2. I can’t see good enough to drive these days; but, I can see biden for what he is!
    I thought the bunny rabbit was real…….

  3. The anti-gun “movement” can’t exist without denial. If they actually looked at reality, their lies would be obvious to even the most ardent anti-gun zealot. When the Federal Government finally got around to funding/authorizing the CDC to do an actual study of DGU, they found that “good guys with guns” used their firearms to prevent crime AT LEAST 400,000 times a year. That result was memory-holed so fast that only the quick reaction of the POTG in documenting it saved it from being ignored away into irrelevance.

    Every time some state/locality proposes or passes “Constitutional carry” (I HATE that phase!), we get the inevitable “Oh, my God!! It’s going to be the Wild West!! There will be blood in the streets!!” – and, yet, they can’t cite a SINGLE reliable statistic to document that. Most studies show either no change, or the opposite (violent crime actually goes down after unlicensed carry is adopted). And with north of half of all states having adopted some version of Constitutional carry, incidences of violent crime have . . . gone down (even in “blue” cities in many “red” states, overall).

    I’ve carried concealed (whether legal or illegal) for most of my life, and (thank God!) have never even drawn my firearm in public. I have NO desire to shoot anyone, even a predatory criminal, if it isn’t absolutely necessary. I don’t think anyone really does WANT to pull their gun (if they do, they probably shouldn’t carry), but it is like unto fire insurance – I still buy fire insurance on my house, even though I have never had a house burn in . . . well, way too many, at least . . . years, but I still buy fire insurance. I put my concealed carry handgun in the same category – you NEVER “want” to use it, but it’s better to have it and not use it than to need it and not have it.

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