Neighbors Say Police Ignored Their Warnings for Years About the Lakewood Church Shooter

[Genesse] Moreno – who was originally from El Salvador, had a lengthy criminal record and previously used the name Jeffrey Escalante Moreno – brought the 7-year-old into the megachurch before opening fire, and the boy remains hospitalized in critical condition.

“Four years I’ve been through hell. I have reported this, reported this, reported this, and it’s gone on deaf ears,” Jill told the outlet. “I’ve had psychological officers up here. Since they won’t answer their door, they won’t do anything: ‘Until she hurts you, there’s nothing we can do.’ So, everybody keeps saying on all these big news stations, ‘If you see something, say something.’ That’s bulls—. Because I’ve been through it. I’ve talked to everybody. I’ve probably called every one of your news stations trying to get someone to take this on.”

“No one would do anything. Nobody would call me back. And yet everyone’s still on these stations saying, ‘See something, say something.’ Nobody should have died. Nobody should have been hurt. This should have been handled years ago. And here we are again,” Jill added.

“I knew it was only a matter of time before she did something,” said another neighbor, Linda Giutta. “We did something, we said something.”

“We cannot do anything more than what we did. We tried to stop this. We tried to help her, we tried to help us, and we tried to help the public. Something needs to get done. I don’t know what needs to get done, but it needs to get done. This was a big church. By the grace of God, Jesus alone, the only person that died was the one who brought the weapon in.”

— Danielle Wallace in Neighbors of Lakewood Church shooter detail years of ‘hell,’ police inaction: ‘Only a matter of time’

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  1. Just report that the person was in DC on Jan 6 and a federal SWAT team will be fast roping down onto their front lawn within the hour to whisk them away to a solitary holding cell for a few years.

    1. Say something, unless you’re wrong, in which case you’ll be scolded as a horrible, intolerant person. Then the person who made the bomb-looking thing will be invited to the White House.

  2. “If you see something, say something” was really meant to only apply to White Christian heterosexual males. No one wants to know about other demographics. Now and again, the FBI will set up an entrapment sting for some Moslems, unless they happen to be African-American Moslems. Look back at all the non-white shooters who have been reported to the FBI, “investigate”, then turned loose to shoot up a school, or bomb a marathon, or whatever they had in mind.

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