The Civilian Disarmament Industry Sells the Band-Aid Of Gun Control

Newtown Action Alliance

A recent propaganda post by the Newtown Action Alliance gun control organization came pretty close to inadvertently identifying the real problem behind violence. But, as usual, grifters are going to grift, and nobody can con people out of donations by telling them they need to do difficult things.

Let’s take a look at the post to see what makes gun control organizations in America tick.

Anyone who’s familiar with the shooting in question will probably notice a glaring problem here: the motive they attribute to the shooter. Even NPR knows that it wasn’t a clear-cut case of Islamophobia. Ultimately, the man plead guilty to his crimes and received multiple life sentences, so the motive wasn’t explored further in court. It may have been a racially, culturally, or religiously-motivated killing, but it also seemed to be related to a dispute over parking spaces in the apartments both the killer and the victims lived in. Some say he hated all religions, while others say he hated college students.

Really, though, that’s irrelevant. Whether it was hatred or a fight over parking spaces, any morally clear person with a sense of right and wrong would tell you that killing people for being Muslims or over parking spaces is wrong. Either motive (or some mixture of the two) reveals that someone has some deep problems in their heart and soul.

This is where Newtown almost had it figured out, but as we know, they’re pushing for gun control so motivation doesn’t really matter for them.

It should bew obvious that taking guns away from people with deep personal moral failings isn’t going to stop them from hurting people. We know from sad experience that hatred can find its way across national borders and then tell people “how to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom.” But seeds of hatred and violence must find fertile ground to grow into a pressure cooker bomb plot that kills people.

Given that we’ve seen people killed with all sorts of instruments, it’s pretty clear that any recipe for murder need not involve a firearm. If all of the other ingredients are in place, people can wind up just as dead as if they’re struck with bullets. When it comes to bombs, the likelihood of death is arguably a lot higher.

But do we see these gun control groups making well thought-out plans to tackle hatred, mental illness, broken homes, and all of the other things that are drivers of violence? No. No we don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, there are people out there who are putting in that work to do that, but the gun control industry just wants us to believe that we’ll magically transform from a country with deep-seated societal problems to a mythical Eurotopia if we can just take the guns off the streets.

Worse, they know that isn’t true. The fact that they mention things like Islamophobia shows that they’re aware that there are other problems behind the violence. But, they aren’t about to tell their potential donors that’s is the case.

When it comes to fundraising and ginning up support, you don’t get anywhere by telling people that they need to put work in themselves. If they conclude that they need to be work hard in their homes, in their churches, and in their communities in order to make a better world, why would they give you their money?

That money is needed elsewhere to solve actual root problems that result in violent crime, but gun control operations aren’t going to tell you that. They aren’t going to tell you that guns are used more than 1.6 million times a year by Americans of all kinds to stop robberies, assaults, rapes, and murders in this country.

Newtown Action Alliance chairwoman Po Murray

The only thing operations like Newtown Action Allicance want you to do is blame the guns and help them disarm as many people as they can. And write them a check.

So they keep pushing their fiction by repeating one message: “ITS THE GUNS, ITS THE GUNS, ITS THE GUNS.” What they want is your cash, not to solve problems.

That’s because solving actual problems is difficult. And while it would be great for the rest of us, it would put them out of business. Making people safer doesn’t really help them at all. If anything, spending your money onn their salaries — not unlike the NRA did — helps perpetuate the problems that drive their fundraising and keeps them in business.

There’s a lot of money to be made in selling false solutions to larger societal problems and the gun control industry has become very good at it.

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  1. “Nine years ago, three people were killed in their home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina by an islamaphobic gunman.”

    In 2022 more than 13,000 people were killed in their homes and other places across the United States by anti-gun groups because these deadly radical extremist anti-gun groups managed to get their agenda enacted though conspiring deadly radical extremist left wing politicians to implement various unconstitutional gun control schemes by use of ‘gun free zones’ type policies and so called ‘safe storage’ requirements which denied or hindered these victims the ability to access firearms to defend against attack and have a chance of survival in their moment of need.

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