Elections Have Consequences…Especially in Purple States

Virginia Governor Glen Younkin
Courtesy Facebook

Democrats have sent dozens of gun control bills to the governor’s office for his signature. Even though they control both chambers of the General Assembly, they do not have the numbers to override Youngkin’s veto power.

The gun bills they sent to the governor’s desk were largely passed along party lines and include: requiring a locking device for selling and transferring guns; a ban on “ghost guns,” which are unserialized and untraceable firearms that can be bought online and assembled at home; a five-day waiting period on all gun purchases; a $500 fine for people who leave a gun visible in an unattended car that is then stolen; a requirement of a firearms safety or training course before gun purchases; and a bill that would ban carrying semi-automatic guns in public places.

Youngkin has gone on record to say he believes Virginia gun laws are already strong enough but has not directly addressed whether he will veto the bills that have been at the top of the Democrats’ legislative agenda.

— Barnini Chakraborty in Democrats could hold Glenn Youngkin’s legislative agenda hostage if he vetoes gun control bills

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