The Chicago Rat Hole Has Nothing on the Richmond Gun Hole Shrine

Despite the lack of credibility, users still turn out exciting niche content. The best example is this tweet about the Richmond Gun Hole from @brockomole, who tweeted an impression of a revolver in a concrete sidewalk, calling it the Richmond Gun Hole. This post was viewed over a million times with over 34,000 likes. Gun Hole spins-off of the trend was inspired from the Chicago Rat Hole which was a concrete impression of a rat. …

An altar was quickly put up with glass jar candles. I placed an offering of a miniature figurine from My Neighbor Totoro that was from my pocket. Then came other offerings, including a battery, condom, crystal, and 3 pills of Wellbutrin. Later, some spare change was thrown in.

Immediately after this altar was crafted, people began wondering about the candles set up. There was a house party on the same block. Seemingly intoxicated partygoers came by to pay their respects. Someone drove by and yelled, “R.I.P.” …

The origins of the Gun Hole remain unknown, but it has existed for years prior. People who have lived near there for a few years say that it predates their residence. The imprint resembles a revolver with a long barrel, like a modern Ruger Blackhawk or a Peacemaker from the 1800s, just like the house. Or it could simply be from a toy pistol. 

— Goad Gatsby in The Richmond Gun Hole Goes Viral

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