BREAKING: Judge Roger Benitez Blocks California Ammo Background Check Law

He’s done it again. United States District Judge Roger Benitez has permanently enjoined the state of California from enforcing its law mandating background checks on ammunition purchases as well as the ban in importation of ammo from other states. The case, Rhode v. Bonta, was brought by the California Rifle & Pistol Association. As the […]

CMP Signs with Tisas USA to Offer New GI Version 1911A1 Pistols

I caught wind of this last year at SHOT, but the deal was finally signed this year right as SHOT Show 2024 kicked off. The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has signed a deal with Tisas USA to offer newly manufactured 1911A1 pistols in WW 2 GI trim to its members. Let’s talk a minute about […]

As Wayne LaPierre Exits, the NRA is Down, But Not Out. Yet.

By Cari Babitzke, Boston University Wayne LaPierre resign from the National Rifle Association today. During most of the 33 years he spent at its helm as its executive vice president, the gun group’s membership, revenue and clout grew sharply. I am a historian of firearms politics and have researched the NRA’s long history. LaPierre’s legacy […]

Judge Blocks Cortland New York Ban on Guns in Public Housing

It will probably come as quite a shock to New York officials like Governor Kathy Hochul to learn that people who live in public housing have all the same civil rights that are guaranteed them by the Constitution as people who live in privately-owned homes and apartments. The Second Amendment Foundation sued the Cortland, New […]

My Resolution for the New Year . . .

That’s my New Year’s resolution, to read the owner’s manual. While that flies in the face of decades, centuries, nay millennia of men completely ignoring owner’s manuals and simply winging it, recently I have learned an important lesson about ignoring them. It can come at the cost of looking stupid. And looking stupid is exactly […]

The Chicago Rat Hole Has Nothing on the Richmond Gun Hole Shrine

Despite the lack of credibility, users still turn out exciting niche content. The best example is this tweet about the Richmond Gun Hole from @brockomole, who tweeted an impression of a revolver in a concrete sidewalk, calling it the Richmond Gun Hole. This post was viewed over a million times with over 34,000 likes. Gun […]

FN Expands Their 509 Series With New Pistols, Comp Kits and Limited Edition Models

FN’s 509 series of striker-fired handguns may not be the first to come to mind when you think of 9mm handguns, but they’re some of the best, most full-featured semi-automatic pistols on the market. They’re tough, well-made, and FN’s MRD optic mounting system is as good as it gets. FN’s rolled out some new and […]