SHOT Show: WEE1 Tactical Will Soon Release a Mini AK-47 in 22 LR

When WEE1 Tactical launched their JR-15, a scaled-down AR-15 chambered in 22 LR and designed for youth shooting with some kid-focused safety features and such built in, it sparked the most incredible outrage, bedwetting, and knicker knotting among the libs. We got a kick out of that, but also appreciated the lightweight, youth-sized firearm that’s great for plinking and training.

At SHOT Show this year I caught a glimpse of another firearm from WEE1, which hasn’t been announced yet and isn’t yet in production, but it’s coming. This diminutive AK-47 is predominately 3D printed on the outside — a prototype, clearly — but the important parts are good ol’ steel. I suspect we’ll see a pint sized AK in 22 LR from WEE1 Tactical later this year.


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