SHOT Show: The Sub $1000 Christensen Evoke Hunting Rifle

Christensen is known for their excellent bolt-action hunting and precision rifles. American-made rifles using the best, usually lightweight materials that generally start in the $2,000 range and go up from there. So the announcement that Christensen is now offering a sub-$1,000 rifle that’s well within the reach of lots of hunters constitutes big news. The […]

SHOT Show: CIVIVI Sendy Flipper EDC Knife

The SHOT Show isn’t all about guns. There is a lot of related gear there including knives of all shapes, sizes and purposes. One of those that caught my eye was the new Sendy from CIVIVI Knives. The Sendy is designed by Ben Petersen of Knaf’s Knives and looks like a great choice for everyday […]

SHOT Show Brings Us The Flamethrower Bayonet!

You can find the darnedest things in the SHOT Show’s new product center. New from Exothermic Technologies is the Pulsefire UBF, or underbarrel flamethrower. This bad boy can be fired either handheld by itself while or attached to a Picatinny rail and used as a burny option, rather than a stabby, bayonet! Good times.

SHOT Show 2024: The Year of the Lever Action

  During dinner Monday night before the show opened, the conversation turned to the new lever guns that had been announced. And before we new it the list got even longer, at which point Michael Bane, well-known industry insider and devoted lever gun aficionado, declared, simply, “this is the year of the lever-action.” Walking the […]

SHOT Show: Oh Boy, Here Comes Another Smart Gun

Another year another “smart gun.” This version from Free State Firearms requires the prospective 1911 user to be wearing an RFID ring (very stylish, no doubt), which does a little digital handshake with the pistol, unlocking it such that it is then supposed to be capable of firing. Without the correct ring held in the […]

If You Lose Your Gun Rights in Tennessee, You Loose Your Voting Rights, Too

Tennessee, which imposes notoriously demanding requirements on residents with felony records seeking restoration of their voting rights, recently added a new wrinkle: Before supplicants who have not managed to obtain a pardon are allowed to vote again, they have to successfully seek restoration of their gun rights, a task that is complicated by the interaction between state and […]