Stack: It Cost Us a Quarter of a Billion Dollars But I Stand Behind Cutting Gun Sales

Ed Stack Dick's Sporting Goods
Courtesy Dick’s Sporting Goods


After the Parkland shooting, [Ed] Stack, then [Dick’s Sporting Goods] CEO, learned that Cruz had been able to buy a shotgun at one of the company’s stores in the months before the shooting. 

Although it wasn’t the gun [Nikolas] Cruz used to kill students and staff at the school, Stack said he should “never have been able to buy a gun.”

“We knew the system was broken. So we needed to really stand up and try to make some changes,” he said. 

Those changes included restricting firearm and ammunition sales to anyone under 21 years old and prohibiting the sale of AR-15-style rifles.

“We knew that there was going to be some very real blowback from that and there was,” Stack said. “But listen to those kids who survived Parkland and listen to those parents that lost a child… we needed to stand up and say something.” 

Stack said in an October 2019 interview that the company lost $250 million from the restrictions it imposed on firearm sales.

—  Daniella Genovese in Former Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Defends Stance on Gun Restrictions Despite Backlash


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