Elite Tactical Systems Announces the Omega Hybrid Poly/Steel GLOCK Magazine

Elite Tactical Systems (ETS) is known for their transparent polymer magazines for ARs, MP5s, CZ Scorpions and a variety of popular carry guns. While polymer mags are no longer anything new and have long since proved their toughness in all kinds of conditions, there are still folks who aren’t convinced of the durability of plastic.

ETS has been at it for 10 years and done a lot of testing and listened to a lot of customer feedback which has lead them to the release of the new Omega magazine.

The Omega uses a polymer body like the previous ETS mags, but blends that with a steel insert and steel feedlips. You end up with a magazine that weighs half as much as a steel magazine, still allows you to see how many rounds you have left, but with the durability of steel where it matters most.

ETS is saying these are duty ready mags and they come with a lifetime warranty.

The initial Omega launch is a 17-round 9mm GLOCK magazine, with a retail price of $25.99. There are plans for Smith & Wesson M&P, SIG P320, and Springfield Armory mags down the road as well. Check out the features from ETS below . . .


  • Hardened steel feedlips and frame provide seamless ammunition feeding
  • Patent pending Omega Joint™ and frame wraps 360 degrees for maximum strength and 100% drop-free reliability
  • Factory reliability
  • Military-grade Teflon-infused coating meets all military standard for corrosion and friction resistance
  • Extreme impact resistance with our patent pending fusion of polymer and hardened steel
  • Ergonomic floorplate design allows for an easy grip to pull from pouches
  • Weighs 50% less than an all-steel magazine


    • Fits the Glock 17, 18, 19, 19x, 26, 34, and 45
    • Compatible with Gen 1 through Gen 5 Glocks
    • Red follower and locking plate
    • Standard 17-round capacity
    • Base plates interchangeable with ETS line of 9mm double stack magazines.
    • Due to the wide variety of extensions for Glock, our mag base is designed to be compatible with Glock extensions
    • Easy disassembly with our specially designed base plate
    • Lifetime Warranty

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