House Dems: High Capacity Magazines Only Amplify the Destructive Power of Guns

AR-15 high capacity 3-round magazines

“Large capacity magazines are a threat to our kids in schools, our communities and to our law enforcement on the streets who are outgunned by dangerous individuals in possession of these magazines,”said Thompson, D-St Helena, who is chairman of the [House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force]. “The only reason someone would want a large capacity magazine for a semi-automatic weapon would be to inflict massive amounts of carnage is a short period of time.”

Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colorado, added, “High-capacity magazines serve no purpose other than to amplify the destructive potential of firearms. Sensible gun safety protects our collective well-being, because, as we’ve seen, someone with a high-capacity weapon can commit these shootings anywhere, anytime. So the time to act is now, and this discharge petition gives us the opportunity to address the epidemic of gun violence that has claimed far too many lives – even if Republicans are intent on ignoring this crisis.”

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