BREAKING: US District Judge Strikes Down Federal Ban on Guns in Post Offices

United States Post Office Building

There’s literally no end to the the benefits of the Supreme Court’s Bruen ruling. As a result of that decision, no gun control law that is inconsistent with the text, history, and tradition of firearms regulation in this country can stand. The latest manifestation of that comes to us from the Gunshine State (and Reuters) . . .

U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, an appointee of Republican former President Donald Trump in Tampa, reached that conclusion in dismissing part of an indictment charging a postal worker with illegally possessing a gun in a federal facility.

Mizelle said that charge violated Emmanuel Ayala’s right to keep and bear arms under the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment, saying “a blanket restriction on firearms possession in post offices is incongruent with the American tradition of firearms regulation.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Mr. Ayala, a now former Postal Service employee, has a valid Florida carry permit. As Judge Mizelle wrote . . .

Possessing a firearm in a Federal facility is an activity that falls within the plain text of the Second Amendment. … Thus, the United States must show that a ban on firearms in ordinary post offices is consistent with our nation’s founding-era tradition of firearms regulation

That’s a bar defenders of gun control laws are having a difficult time clearing.

[T]he Supreme Court has been clear: the government must point to historical principles that would permit it to prohibit firearms possession in post offices. … The United States fails to meet that burden. Thus, I dismiss the § 930(a) charge because it violates Ayala’s Second Amendment right to bear arms.

You can read her full ruling here.

Blanket declarations of gun-free zones are, as the Bruen decision made clear, unconstitutional.  Cue the calls of outrage and warnings of blood-drenched mail from all of the usual suspects in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Comples. The Biden DOJ will no doubt appeal the ruling. But let them do their worst. It’s not easy defending the indefensible.

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