Springfield Armory Goes Retro With The New SA-16A2

We saw a lot of retro AR’s pop up at SHOT this year, and it looks like that trend isn’t over yet. Springfield Armory just announced the release of the SA-16A2. It’s pretty much what it sounds like, a semi auto clone of the M16A2 service rifle which as adopted in 1983. I still remember […]

AR-15 Builds: Tales From the Carry Handle Mafia

When I started shooting AR’s in the 80’s all we had were carry handle uppers. When I went into the Army in 1988, I trained on the M16A1 and that’s what I used in the Army Reserve. Later, when I was in the Air Force Reserve, we used early slick side M16’s, then eventually M16A2’s. […]

Classic Wood Furniture for AR-15 Rifles From American-Icon

When Eugene Stoner designed the AR-15 for ArmaLite in 1956 it was a pretty revolutionary piece, and its use of plastic stocks was not without controversy. A lot of folks were used to, and wanted, steel and wood on their guns, not plastic. A lot has changed since the late 50’s, but that doesn’t mean […]