Fallacies Put Our Children at Risk While Facts Show What Works

Maryland police arrested a would be mass-murderer before he attacked a school. The aspiring killer has taught us a lot. He was relatively ordinary as mass murderers go, but what was unusual was that the police in Rockville, Maryland released excerpts from the wanna-be murderer’s manifesto. We’ve read similar stories from other mass murderers, but […]

Tearing Down The Concealed Carry Paper Ceiling

concealed OWB holster

You might have to hit me over the head a few times, but I like to think I eventually learn. Thanks to Karl Rehn, we learned that most gun owners never take more advanced firearms classes than the minimum required to get their concealed carry permits. Add to that my state becoming the 28th state […]

Armed Self-Defense Skills are Simple, Difficult and Necessary

Woman gun range training practice

We go along, day after day, year after year, and then something happens to us that changes our perspective. I was talking to a young man not long after I wrote about armed defense. Each of the ordinary stories I covered included an advanced self-defense skill. The young man said he wanted to make his […]

Some Truths Behind The Latest Concealed Carry Statistics in America

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Across the United States, fewer US citizens applied for new concealed carry permits. That’s what the numbers say, and it is true from a certain perspective. It’s also true that more people are legally carrying concealed firearms than ever before. That may seem like a contradiction, but it not. And it’s also very good news. […]

Second Class Status for Gun Rights in California on Hold, For Now

“You clearly want more innocent children to die if you don’t pass more gun control laws.” You can try and dress it up, but that’s the gist of the marketing pitch for gun-control. Of course, you have to ignore the millions of violent crimes prevented and lives saved in defensive gun uses each year for […]