Wyoming Bank Created to Counter Operation Choke Point Suing Federal Reserve

We’ve seen unprecedented attacks against “disfavored” industries going back to the Obama years. Naturally, firearm sales and related commerce – activities that are constitutionally protected – fell into category of targeted businesses. The Obama era Operation Choke Point used the power of the federal government to “encourage” banks, insurers and other service providers.  Today we’re […]

Breaking in the Avidity Arms PD10 9mm Pistol

Avidity Arms PD10 9mm pistol

  Avidity Arms unveiled what was to be the production model for their first pistol, the PD10 at last year’s SHOT Show. The inception of the PD10 was from industry insiders coming together to design what they thought would be the ultimate carry gun. Spearheaded by famed firearms instructor Rob Pincus, the PD10, chambered in […]