Training and Experience: 75 Women Shoot at the 8th Annual ‘The Mingle’

This past weekend, I attended The Mingle: Openness to Experience in North Georgia, an annual event (the eighth) hosted by The Complete Combatant. This is an invite-only, two-day event for women in the firearms industry filled with training, delicious food and invaluable networking (aka mingling).  First, a little information about Shelley Hill, the mastermind behind […]

An Inconvenient Truth: Armed Teachers Save Lives

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee recently signed legislation allowing armed teachers and school staff in school buildings and campuses in the state. Ohio has had armed school staff for over ten years now. In March of 2013, I was one of the two dozen school staff members (out of 1200 applicants) attending the first Response to […]

Firearm Trainers: Those Who Can Need to be Able to Show They Can

The old joke — or perhaps it’s just a disappointing societal truth we do our best to ignore — is that those who can…actually do a thing, while those who can’t…turn to teaching the thing. If you’re wondering what the difference is between these two people, look no further than that cinematic tour de force, Back […]

Guns for Beginners: How to Finding a Trainer and Get Going

Owning a firearm for personal protection doesn’t just stop once you get it home. You owe it to yourself, your family and society to acquire the training needed to properly handle and successfully deploy that firearm should the need arise. So, where do you go for lessons? How do you find a qualified firearms instructor? […]

Miles of Aisles at SHOT Show 2024

SHOT Show 2024

SHOT Show is where to be when you want to see all the latest and greatest gear for shooting, hunting and other outdoor adventures. It’s also a great time to catch up with friends in the industry. Aside from seeing some pretty interesting products this year, I ran into a few friends who were attending […]