Give Me Five – Sisterhood Outdoors’ Amy Ray

Amy Ray, Sisterhood Outdoors

Amy Ray is the owner of Sisterhood Outdoors, creating a community of women who hunt, fish and shoot together. She knows it can be hard to get started in the outdoor sports. Sisterhood Outdoors helps people become the sportswomen they’ve always dreamed of being.

1. We want to know more about you. Please give us a glimpse into your journey with firearms.

I love teaching women to hunt, shoot and fish. I am outdoors every season all year long and will hunt just about anything. My favorite firearm to shoot is a rifle, and elk is my favorite game to hunt.

Amy Ray, Sisterhood Outdoors

2. What two pieces of advice would you give someone interested in learning how to shoot or purchase their first firearm? 

First, start with the purpose of your firearm.

Second, learn the fundamentals and practice often. I tell my pistol students to shoot at least 50 rounds a quarter with their EDC. If you’re new to pistols and conceal carry, don’t just learn to use them and put them in a bag or holster. Make sure you practice often. 

3. What is your favorite piece of firearm-related equipment that you own? Why do you like it?

This is a hard one for me: my favorite piece of equipment is my rifle shooting sticks. A great shot starts with a good foundation. Whenever possible, I use a tripod shooting stick to steady my aim, especially on a longer shot.

Amy Ray, Sisterhood Outdoors

4. What was something someone told you (or that you read) that significantly influenced your life?

Progress, not perfection. I believe in working hard to achieve an end result, no matter the task. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. I sometimes progress slower than I’d like, but I always move forward. When I’m feeling stuck or inadequate, I remind myself that life’s not perfect, but I can take a step toward progress, and that’s okay.

5. What do you wish you knew about getting involved with firearms right from the beginning of your journey? 

I wish I had more places to go outdoors and shoot. When I first learned to shoot, I didn’t put much effort into researching places to take classes, shoot indoors, or find a rifle range. Finding local places to shoot can be hard or intimidating for new shooters. I think it’s better today, but it’s still a challenge in some areas. Today, I am a member of Dead Zero Shooting Park. I also utilize multiple sporting clay clubs and indoor ranges in my local area.

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