Give Me Five: Todd Jarrett

Todd Jarrett is a firearms trainer and one of the most incredible action shooters ever. 

1. We want to know more about you. Please give us a glimpse into your journey with firearms.

My entire life to this point has been spent hunting, defending, teaching, manufacturing or competing with firearms. Nevertheless, my life goal wasn’t to become a multiple National and World Champion. Really, thinking about it, I realized that it was some of the happiest times with all my friends, travel, and things I did along the way.

2. What two pieces of advice would you give someone interested in learning how to shoot or purchase their first firearm? 

Find a range with rental firearms and test as many guns as possible. Don’t listen to family/friends because everyone is biased towards one make or model—Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, etc.

Once you find your one and only, take shooting classes. It will save the learning curve.

3. What is your favorite piece of firearm-related equipment that you own? Why do you like it?

My favorite piece of gear is my hearing protection. I really wish I had known about this when I started shooting. Buy good hearing protection and save your hearing!

4. What was something someone told you (or that you read) that significantly influenced your life?

As a teenager, I had a mentor who really helped me understand life. I learned the importance of having a skill unique to others and how it may come in handy. 

5. What do you wish you knew about getting involved with firearms right from the beginning of your journey? 

At the beginning of competing, I really wasted a bunch of capital. I used the wrong gear, guns, loader, etc. We all make these mistakes when getting into a recreational sport. Talk to the winners 🏆, buy once, cry once.

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