Angstadt Arms’ New Ultra-Compact Sub Gun, the MDP-9 Gen2

Angstadt Arms MDP-9 Gen2 sub gun

Experience unmatched portability without compromising performance. Gone are the days of bulky, cumbersome firearms. Experience a firearm designed with modern challenges in mind. At 14” long and weighing just 3.7 pounds, the MDP-9 GEN2 redefines the balance between size, weight, and power.

The MDP-9 GEN2 embodies our relentless dedication to innovation and enhancing the user experience. Key improvements feature a revamped bolt  carrier and roller-lock system, significantly reducing felt recoil and achieving the lowest in class muzzle rise. This redesigned carrier also offers adaptability for future modifications with various locking pieces tailored for specific uses.

Angstadt Arms MDP-9 Gen2 sub gun

TheAn features enhanced fire controls, including the EMT-9 PCC Nickel Teflon trigger. This upgrade ensures a smooth, precise trigger pull while maintaining a mil-spec pull weight and reliability. Additionally, the firearm is equipped with a detachable 3-lug muzzle adapter, a newly designed low-profile hand stop and a Radian Weapons Talon ambidextrous safety selector, enhancing both functionality and user experience.

Angstadt Arms MDP-9 Gen2 sub gun

The MDP-9 GEN2, priced at $2,475, comes in a variety of colors and is available in both pistol and SBR configurations. Additionally, a complete upper is offered at $1,655, compatible with most AR9 lower receivers and ready for easy installation.



CALIBER: 9x19mm
BARREL: 5.85″ chrome moly black melonite, 1:10 twist, threaded 1/2×28
WEIGHT (EMPTY): 3.7 lbs unloaded
ACTION: Roller-delayed blowback
MAGAZINE: Accepts GLOCK 9mm double stack magazines. Includes two 17-round OEM GLOCK magazines.
ENDRAIL: 1913 endrail with QD sling socket.
UPPER ASSEMBLY: 7075-T6 aluminum monolithic upper
CHARGING HANDLE: Non-reciprocating ambidextrous
LOWER RECEIVER: 7075-T6 billet aluminum
FURNITURE: B5 Systems Type 23 pistol grip and Angstadt Arms handstop
FIRE CONTROLS: Angstadt Arms EMT-9 Trigger and Radian Weapons Talon ambidextrous safety selector. The MDP-9 is compatible with most aftermarket 9mm PCC triggers.
MUZZLE DEVICE: Removable 3-lug
PRICE: $2475 ($1655 complete upper)

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  1. By the time I can own a non mutilated version of anything like this in NY I can only imagine what other advancements are made.

    1. “By the time I can own a non mutilated version of anything like this in NY…”

      It’s being worked on, including re-opening the select-fire registry.

      Please consider financially-supporting the 2A rights orgs doing (what can only be described as) God’s work… 🙂

      1. Been doing so as well as a bunch of local ones here that have fun implications of the state using voluntary treatment against your ability to own firearms in the absence of a threat to self or others amongst other issues.

  2. I always thought these were cool, but I don’t see a practical reason for it. The benefits are the Roller-delayed system and the light weight. That light weight only matters if you plan on lugging this around for any great distance. How many people are going to carry this in a pack with them very often? For a little more weight, you could have a small, suppressed 300 BLK with a lot more firepower.

    1. 9-Hole Reviews did a video on this about a month ago. Besides being cheaper, pistol caliber also has a lot less noise and flash. I agree with you, though, that if you’re getting an AR it should be in an AR (intermediate) caliber, because another main advantage of pistol caliber is the compactness and intuitive handling that come with putting the mag in the grip. My pistol-based SBR is 10 3/4″ in the stowed position vs just under 16″ for my AR SBR.

      Lightness (and balance) matter a lot in CQB / home defense, when your support hand is constantly required to do tasks other than support.

    2. I am curious what such a design can do in larger and/or higher pressure cartridges. But I am also a fan of the smg for home defense idea.

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