Moon: If You Want to Blame Someone for ‘Gun Violence,’ Look in the Mirror

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In communities where public education is substandard, crime flourishes. 

This is not an opinion. It’s a documented fact. 

Doesn’t matter the racial makeup of the community. Doesn’t matter which political party is in control of that local community. Doesn’t matter the prevalence of any specific religion. 

If you’ve got under-performing public schools, you’ve got high crime rates. 

And high drug usage. And more gang activity. And a whole bunch of young people who are generally pretty awful at conflict resolution. 

And guns. Lots and lots and lots of guns. 

All of these things are our fault, and the fault of our ancestors, dating back to the beginnings of this state [Alabama] – and the country as a whole, for that matter – and the ignorant ways in which we’ve decided to treat each other based on superficial factors, such as skin color and heritage. 

Oh, and also our reverence for the gun. A magical tool that makes white people capable of stopping mass shooters simply by purchasing one – training and common sense are optional. And a tool whose sales must never, ever be burdened with basic safety restrictions. 

It is a toxic mix that has combined to turn portions of a number of Alabama towns into war zones. 

— Josh Moon in Want to Blame Someone for the Rampant Violence Around Alabama? Grab a Mirror

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  1. If Moon wants to see an idiot and or stupid person, then he need only look in a mirror!
    An educated idiot is still an idiot.

  2. A good school can’t teach a stupid student therefore school performance metrics are inconsequential.

    I can’t believe all these “dump more money into education!” people have lived their entire lives without encountering one of the many 80 IQ morons among us.

    No amount of money, teachers, paras, programs, or grade fixing can make these genetically stupid people any less stupid. Attempting to do so just retards and hurts the kids who aren’t stupid.

    1. Social isolation by work/school/friend groups tends to keep most people in similar cognitive brackets. Makes it hard for most to conceptualize that at best half of the population is dumber than an average intelligence………for those who can think abstractly to begin with.

  3. This argument falls flat except for the elevated drug use in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, rural NY, rural Pennsylvania and West Virginia off the top of my head. But yes need more money for those substandard schools (my NY school tax is over 4,000 and we marginally underperform by national standards)

  4. Oh, and also our reverence for the gun. A magical tool that makes white people

    I like how he starts out by saying that racial makeup doesn’t matter. Then it’s the entire country’s fault for racism and discrimination that was tolerated before I was even born. Then the truth comes out. Then he tosses out the more open passive-aggressive attack on white people. This is more of the left wing sickness I’ve already described in other recent articles. This guy is a typical modern Democrat. All you have to do is glance at some of his other articles for confirmation.

    How is it that well-educated black Nigerian families can immigrate to the US and thrive? They tend to have higher earnings than white citizens that were born here. Run the same numbers with East Asians. They don’t tend to be the ones shooting up the neighborhoods either. Well there goes the “white supremacy” argument.

    How is it that no Democrats know about this? If they truly cared about the people they say they care about, then wouldn’t they study the differences, and try to promote what has worked for these non-white immigrants? But what if they don’t really care about these people? What if they know what would help them, but instead choose to blame bad things on demographic groups that tend to support their political opponents? That would be a really dark reality. That would be evil.

  5. Not true. There are poor schools and impoverished people and drug use in White Appalachian and Midwestern communities, but they’re not killing each other as often and with such ferocity as urban blacks. Race matters.

  6. Spending more money on broken schools won’t fix it. Having families with a Mother AND a Father would go along way. Teaching kids morals, ethics, personal responsibility and the ups and downs of life would likely fix the problem completely.

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