How Much Thought Have You Put Into Your Mother’s Day Gift?

Happy Mother's Day
Grace Stevens

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  1. None, since mom hasn’t been around for about 3 years now…

  2. The last Mother’s day gift I got for the Mrs was a new riding lawn mower about 20 years ago. It was what she wanted. We generally don’t waste $$$ on made up holidays.

    1. The late Dr. Walter E. Williams once described a mother’s day present for his wife, a new pair of spiked golf shoes.

      She wasn’t a golfer, he was being considerate of her health, since she washed his car weekly, even in the dead of winter, and he didn’t want her to slip and fall on the ice and potentially injure herself… 😉

    1. My previous post is misleading in that my mother passed years ago and I meant to say that I try to make life easier for my better half daily.

  3. Mom ain’t around anymore. But, there was a time, I got her some really nice Federal .38 Special low recoil for her house Colt. She was happy!

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