Heritage Manufacturing Unveils the New Range Side Lever Action Rifle

Heritage Manufacturing Range Side .410 Shotgun

Lever actions have been big this year, with lots of modern “tactical” models being announced at SHOT. Classic lever guns are still popular though, and Heritage Manufacturing just announced the Range Side lever action.

The Range Side joins Heritage’s .22LR Settler lever action in their long gun lineup. But while this is a classic wood and steel lever gun, this isn’t a rifle…it’s a .410 shotgun.

It has a 5-shot magazine mounted under a 20-inch barrel. There are three versions available, a blued steel and walnut model, a case hardened receiver and wood stock, and a nickel finish with walnut .

MSRP’s run from $918.99 to $1146.99 depending on model.

Heritage Manufacturing Range Side .410 Shotgun

Heritage Manufacturing proudly unveils its latest offering, the “Range Side” Lever Action Rifle, embodying the timeless essence of the Old West with the precision demanded by modern shooters.

The Range Side is not merely a rifle; it’s a legacy reborn, designed to be the steadfast companion of the contemporary Westerner. Its classic design, paired with advanced functionality, ensures it stands out as a symbol of tradition and performance.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Range Side features a beautifully crafted walnut stock and forend, delivering both durability and authenticity. Its robust construction guarantees reliability in any scenario, from the crack of dawn on the ranch to the twilight hours in the field.

Heritage Manufacturing Range Side .410 Shotgun

With a range of finish options available, the Range Side allows shooters to personalize their firearm without compromising on its rugged functionality. Equipped with a brass bead front sight, this rifle offers quick and accurate targeting, making it ideal for the fast-paced scenarios encountered in various shooting activities.

Designed for comfort and control, the Range Side boasts a leather-wrapped lever that ensures a secure grip as users cycle through the .410 bore rounds, whether for target practice or small game hunting. From the vast expanse of the range to the rugged terrain of the frontier, the Range Side is more than just a firearm—it’s a testament to the Western spirit, always by your side.

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  1. Yeah, I know it’s a shottie, but even their .22 lr model barrel isn’t threaded.

    Why in the liv’in hell any manufacturer doesn’t thread the barrel on a locked-action long gun it completely beyond me, it makes *zero* damn sense…

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