Sorry, Joe, Crime Isn’t Actually Down, It Just Isn’t Being Reported

In his State of the Union address this year, President Joe Biden proclaimed that “Americans deserve the freedom to be safe, and America is safer today than when I took office,” boasting that “[l]ast year, the murder rate saw the sharpest decrease in history, and violent crime fell to one of the lowest levels in more than […]

Maxine Waters: Gun Owners Training ‘Up In the Hills’ To Attack If Biden Loses

Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters, the elderly, unhinged gun control doyenne once tried to foment violence and insurrection against the Donald Trump administration not so long ago. Now, the same 85-year-old race-baiter who urged people to attack Trump supporters is now claiming that right wing groups (a.k.a. gun owners) will target “people of color” communities if Biden loses […]

Gun Review: Henry U.S. Survival Rifle [VIDEO]

Henry U.S. Survival Rifle review

Eugene Stoner designed the AR-7 semi-automatic survival rifle for Air Force pilots back in the 1950s. In the Air Force’s infinite wisdom, the flyboys were never actually issued the gun. Armalite first made and sold a version of the rifle for civilians in 1959. A few other makers produced versions of the gun over the […]

Biden’s War on Guns Runs Up Against Reality

Joe Biden

President Joe Biden’s relentless rebukes of the firearm industry and law-abiding gun owners isn’t just an infringement on our Second Amendment rights – it’s a calculated and well-financed attack on the fabric of American liberty. President Biden calls the firearm industry “the enemy” and his administration is systematically attempting to dismantle the industry and pander to the […]

Is the Body Armor Market Every Going to See Growth Like Suppressors?

The biggest challenge for the civilian body armor industry is the value proposition. We love guns. Everyone in the OSD crew has at least one set of fancy plates. But when we’re talking to newbies, plates are so far down the priority list of what to buy that it doesn’t even come up. You need […]