CMP Talladega Shooting Event Will Mark 80th Anniversary of D-Day

By Ashley Dugan Mark your calendars as the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) hosts the annual Talladega D-Day event, set to be held June 6-9, 2024, at Talladega Marksmanship Park in Alabama. Registration is currently open, so sign up now to join this commemorative occasion! This year, the Talladega D-Day event will honor the 80th anniversary […]

No One is Entitled To Comfort At The Expense Of Others’ Rights

  There are things that make some people uncomfortable for no rational reason, even though they don’t harm them in any way. For some, it’s our cultural or religious background that leads to their discomfort. For others, media figures have told them that something is a problem that really isn’t. There are also all sorts […]

ATF’s Poorly Trained SWAT ‘Operators’ are a Threat to Public Safety

Selection, training and leadership are vital to any special operations team, regardless of their size or mission parameters. The more rigorous the selection process, the more comprehensive the training, the more professional the leadership, the better the unit will perform.  Delta Force’s Operators Training Course, for example, is six months long, and teaches advanced CQB, […]

Process vs. Results: The Real World Consequences of Biden’s War on Guns

Admit it or not, this administration is at war against the firearms and ammunition industry. The attacks have been unrelenting, from Operation Choke Point (begun under the Obama Administration) to the latest ill-intentioned act: the “90 day pause” on non-military exports by the Commerce Department. A “pause” that will, barring some sort of near-divine intervention […]