AMMO Inc’s Jarad Smith on Ammunition, Gunbroker and Change

Our sister site, QA Outdoors recently sat down with AMMO, Inc. CEP Jarad Smith and talked about the challenges facing the ammunition business as well as the company’s ownership of  QA Outdoors: Jarad, a little over a year since the last time we sat down and talked. You’d just joined Ammo, Inc. What have […]

The Horror: Bruen is Coming for Washington’s New Gun Control Laws

When a Cowlitz County judge ruled last week that Washington’s ban on high- capacity magazines is unconstitutional, he added one line, on Page 43 of his 55-page opinion, that could just be a little-noticed throwaway, or could prove shockingly prescient. There are, Judge Gary Bashor wrote, “few, if any, historical analogue laws by which a state […]

3 Lessons to Learn From the Death of an Armed Good Samaritan

No one likes a Monday morning quarterback (Gen Z folks, ask your dads). That being said, when the FAA investigates a fatal airplane crash, they aren’t doing so to be Monday morning quarterbacks or smartasses. No, the FAA investigates in order to determine what went wrong in the hopes that we can prevent that kind […]

Arkansas AG Demands ATF Bodycam Video After Deadly SWAT Raid

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin (AP Photo/Danny Johnston, File)

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin has serious questions for ATF officials about their botched March 19 SWAT team raid, which killed Little Rock Airport executive director, Bryan Malinowski, in his home. And if ATF has bodycam footage of the fatal raid, Griffin wants to see that, too.  “As someone who couldn’t be a bigger law […]

Who’s Running a Disinformation Campaign Against the Vista/CSG Deal and Why?

csg czechoslovak group

In the outdoor industry handshakes often seal agreements and paperwork is a formality. Sure, deals fall through, but seldom is the problem due to another suitor popping up. That’s why the proposed acquisition of Vista Outdoors’ Kinetic group (the ammunition makers) by Czechoslovakia’s CSG has gotten a lot of attention.  Yesterday, a pair of letters […]