The ATF’s Latest ‘Bad Apple’ Gun Dealer Is…the Washington, DC Police Department

Some reckonings are a long time coming. The District of Columbia’s irrational hostility to all things gun-related and to legitimate, licensed retail gun dealers in particular, has reportedly culminated with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) scrutinizing the D.C. police department under a program aimed at suspected “bad apple” gun dealers. […]

Communists Plan ‘Coordinated Economic Blockades’ for Monday in ‘Support of Palestine’

pro-Palestine protest

“Symbolic actions are not enough. We must escalate.” So says the narrator of a video from a Communist Party mouthpiece known as  These social misfits and economic illiterates have announced a “multi-city economic blockade” planned for Monday, to “disrupt the global economy” supposedly in support of Palestine (and, by extension, Iran). They plan to […]

Friedman: My GLOCK is an Ugly Monument to Change in Israel Since October 7

The traditional Israeli attitude to guns is often misunderstood, particularly by observers peering through an American lens. Guns are visible everywhere here, and many visitors, startled by the sight of heavily armed young men and young women in uniform carrying M-16s on the bus or at the bar, assume an enthusiasm for weapons and a […]