Oh Look…5 More Street Thugs Arrested With (Actual) Automatic Weapons

VPD Patrol officers responded to the area and attempted to make contact with the males. When the males saw our officers, they tried to run away from the area. Our officers were able to saturate the area and apprehend all the suspects and their firearms with the help of the CHP Air Unit.

All six males were arrested, and thankfully, nobody was injured during this high-risk and dangerous incident. One of the males had $100,000 worth of warrants for his arrest out of Solano County and San Francisco County for stolen property and possession of a firearm. Another one of the males was discovered to be a juvenile, and he was cited and released to his mother.

Officers also discovered that four of the five firearms recovered were converted into fully automatic weapons.

All of the adult males were transported to the county jail, and the firearms were entered into evidence.

Vallejo, California Police Department

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  1. A juvenile in possession of an unpapered, post-Hughes MG. That’s a ten year minimum stretch in Club Fed if any of us did it (20 if drugs were involved, which I’ll bet were).

    But it’s California, so let’s just let his mama take him home. Especially if he belongs to a “disadvantaged” demographic.

    And meanwhile let’s keep finding more ways to harass law abiding gun owners.

    1. LKB-

      How are our chances that suing using ‘Bruen’ gets the select-fire registry re-opened?

      1. On paper, it should be a slam dunk. No text/history/tradition supports it, and the absolute ban on new non-Mil/LE MG’s dates from only 1986. Plus there are lots of pre-Hughes Amendment papered MG’s around, and you can literally count the number of crimes committed with them on one hand. Papered MG’s simply cannot be shown to have been a problem.

        Pragmatically, it would be a huge lift. Yes, there are some district judges who might be inclined to so rule, and the Fifth Circuit *might* be willing to go there (albeit anytime MG’s come up, some of the Fifth Circuit judges we’d need for an en banc majority tend to flake out). (No other Circuit is likely to be willing to reopen the registry, regardless of what the law is, and most district judges simply do not want to be “the one” who reopened the registry.)

        But the big question is SCOTUS. I still cannot believe they administratively stayed Cargill and VanderStok (the latter over objections from Thomas, Alito, Goresuch, and Kavanaugh).

        It appears that ACB is suffering from Robertsitis. If my diagnosis is correct (and I hope I am wrong), we can forget it.

        We’ll know a lot more shortly when Rahini is decided. Could see that opinion in the next months or so.

      2. “How are our chances that suing using ‘Bruen’ gets the select-fire registry re-opened?”

        Given we can’t get “Bruen” accepted in lower courts?

    1. In the early 2000s, Usenet was a ‘thing’, and I read the rec.guns newsgroup.

      A *heavily* read newsgroup, about 500 posts a day. One of those posts was by a Filipino guy who had a reverse-engineered baby Glock in 9mm. (The G26?).

      Anyways, he told me he was kinda disappointed in how it was nearly impossible to control in full-auto. No matter how hard he tried, muzzle climb was so bad he couldn’t stabilize it. His didn’t have a tailplate ‘switch’, like the ‘bangers in the southside Chicago, it was was literally a copy of the G18 slide internals with the selector on the side of the slide.

      When we get the select fire registry re-opened, I think I’d like to have one to mess around with just for the shits-n-giggles…

  2. What we desperately need is a federal law making possession of automatic weapons illegal; that’ll stop all this rapid fire danger. Indeed, there should be a law that makes the time interval between pulls of the trigger at least 30 seconds (whether the firearm is semi-auto, or not). Actually, a mandated expiration of time/round count that results in complete destruction of a trigger (in such a manner that a replacement trigger would not be possible) would go a long way to prevent violent crime. It is settled science that just one more gun control law will end all crimes of violent guns.

  3. Would be nice if they get a good lawyer who has the balls to challenge the NFA.
    California, according to ATF records, has around 100k machine guns. Why should wealthy white people have all the fun?

    1. “Would be nice if they get a good lawyer who has the balls to challenge the NFA.”

      It’s being worked on, on several fronts. If you’d like to help, donate to the gun rights orgs doing the grunt work…

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