Marlin Releases the Dark Series Model 336 & SBL Series Model 1894

Ruger continues to expand it’s Marlin line of lever guns and just dropped two new rifles. The first is the Marlin Dark Series Model 336 chambered in .30-30. If you like the whole modern lever gun trend — and it certainly seems to be popular — then this one should be right up your alley. […]

Marketing Gun Control: DOJ Creates Dangerous Red Flag Confiscation One-Stop-Shop

DOJ Department of Justice

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is embarking on a dangerous journey to distribute the destruction of rights by creating a “one-stop-shop” for states to deny due process rights to citizens. The DOJ created the National Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) Resource Center to provide “training and technical assistance” to law enforcement, judges, lawyers, clinicians, victim service […]

Gear Review: Holosun SCRS GR MRS Green Dot Sight

First there was the Holosun SCS (s)olar (c)harging (s)ight for pistols. Then, last year, Holosun begat the SCRS. If you guessed that stands for solar charging rifle sight, give yourself a cookie. The SCRS is basically a round, tube-like SCS for rifles. And that’s a very good thing. What we have here is the SCRS […]

When Private Companies Can Torpedo Your Civil Rights

We don’t generally want government getting involved in our private dealings, either business or personal. Why? Because they have a nasty habit of expanding and abusing their power. So we generally don’t clamor for things like forcing businesses to allow concealed carry on their premises, even if that means gun owners are disarmed for a […]

Eric Swalwell Still Has the Sads Because the Second Amendment Exists

Delusional Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell laments the Second Amendment exists — RNC Research (@RNCResearch) March 30, 2024 Remember when Eric Swalwell threatened to nuke Americans? Yeah, he’s always been a pretty big dope. It was fun though, watching him try and run for president back in 2020 when he had to drop out really […]