Savage’s New A22 Takedown .22 Rifle in FDE

savage a22 takedown

I noticed that Savage Arms dropped the A22 Takedown in FDE on the Instagram this morning. The A22 Takedown is direct competition for the Ruger 10/22 Takedown carbine. It’s Savage’s take on this concept on a .22LR semi automatic rifle that feeds from 10-round rotary magazines. It breaks down with a simple twist of the […]

Shooting Straight: Face It, Your Gun Sucks

mossberg pistol

You’ve probably noticed a serious surge in revolver popularity lately. This is due to a few reasons, but mostly by design courtesy of some manufacturers and their reps. All it really takes is the right person proclaiming a piece of gear is the new hotness, and it’s on. After years of infighting and outright brawls […]

Steiner: America’s Protection of Gun Rights is Modern Idolatry

gun control protest sign

[P]olitical forces use the falsehood of the gun culture to stay in power. They are aided by gun manufacturers, lobbyists, and the culture warriors who abide in the gun mythos. These are formidable forces. …Christian Nationalism, with its strong support for the Second Amendment, originates in white supremacy. Its supporters’ identification of Christianity with the […]