Random Thoughts About Systems and Personal Defense

The smart money bets on creating and maintaining systems and worrying less about setting and attaining goals. That’s an idea that was stolen from a famous cartoonist-turned-pundit. His idea is that goals can be self-limiting and can prevent you from seeing further opportunities when they arise. There’s truth in that, but it’s also applies to […]

Shooting Straight: The Truth About the NRA As it Stands Now

wayne lapierre in court

The other day someone sent me a suggestion to join a social media group with a title along the lines of  “retake the NRA.” We’re years into trying to “fix” the problems inherent in the NRA, and I’m years into reminding people we need them. But is that still true? Is the NRA still the […]

The Quest For A .410 Defensive Shotgun – Ammo Tests

I love shotguns. I often write about shotguns, and they’re generally my favorite type of firearms. I like being able to throw eight pellets of 9mm per trigger pull at a threat. I appreciate their versatile design and the fact they can be a powerhouse at typical CONUS ranges. As much as I love shotguns, […]

Bowles: Maybe Gun Control Laws Would Be More Popular If They Weren’t Enforced by Police

cops police knock door

[I]nterestingly, in America, illegal migrants (undocumented, under-papered, citizen-questioning, whatever you want) can now legally own guns thanks to Obama-appointed Illinois federal judge Sharon Johnson Coleman, who just ruled as such. The extent to which gun control has fallen out of fashion cannot be overstated. As soon as people realized that gun control would have to be […]