Gun Review: Beretta 80X Cheetah in .380ACP

Beretta 80X Cheetah (Image courtesy JWT for Shooting News Weekly.)

The Beretta Cheetah is one of those true cult classics. Originally released in 1976 and chambered in both .32 and .380ACP, the little guns were used by several military and police forces and were included in a wide range of films and TV shows. They were always cool little guns, but as the 9x19mm gained […]

Back in Black: The ‘Murdered Out’ Springfield Emissary

Springfield Emissary black

Writing car reviews quickly taught you tricks manufacturers used to assure themselves the best chances for positive write-ups. Either we’d be invited for some sort of auto writers conclave for “exclusive reveals” or pristine vehicles would quietly be delivered to our homes. The delivery driver would then walk you through the features of the vehicle, […]

Brady Spreads Latest Anti-Gun Agitprop Campaign With Help From CNN

By Joe Bartozzi Brady United President Kris Brown and her gun control activist allies are running out of lies to tell about America’s law-abiding gun owners and the industry that provides for the exercise of the Second Amendment. Instead of supporting the Constitution and law enforcement efforts to get tough on criminals who break the […]

Gun Review: Colt Python Combat Elite Revolver

Colt Python Combat Elite (image courtesy JWT for Shooting News Weekly.)

Placed without fanfare on Colt’s SHOT Show display wall, along with several other new models, was something different. Stainless, with a shortened two-finger grip and an unfluted cylinder, it stood out from the rest. For 2024, Colt has released a new Combat Elite, unlike any of the Combat Elite models they’ve released in the past; […]

After Years of Stonewalling, ATF Comes Closer to Actually Complying With the Law

atf hq headquarters feat

Senior ATF officials must have noticed Joe Biden’s shockingly low poll numbers and realized that their war against law-abiding American gun owners will soon be lost.  Now, the ATF is taking steps to clean house as much as possible and get rid of any proof that they violated the civil rights of millions of Americans, […]

Kennedy Embarrasses Another Anti-Gun Judicial Nominee on Assault Weapons Definition

Biden judge: “Assault weapons may be banned because they’re extraordinary dangers and are not appropriate for legitimate self-defense purposes.” The same Biden judge: “I am not a gun expert.” — John Kennedy (@SenJohnKennedy) March 20, 2024 U.S. District Judge Nancy Maldonado of the Northern District of Illinois faced some uncomfortable moments as President Biden’s pick for […]