Pentagon Assoc. Director: Mobilize Nat’l Guard to Grab All the Guns

“I think we should repeal the Second Amendment and take the guns all away!” says Jason Beck, who has a classified security clearance and works for the Department of Defense. Beck, who uses a fake name Aiden Grey in his meetings with a disguised James O’Keefe, describes his extremist policies, including “mobilizing the national guard” to confiscate guns from people’s homes. Beck says he wants a “monopoly on state violence,” a concept he describes as “‘We {the government), are the only ones with guns.”

Jason Beck works in Total Force Requirements & Sourcing Policy in the Office of @SecDef Lloyd Austin. This office oversees the @DeptofDefense and acts as the principal defense policy maker and adviser to the President of the United States. Beck says he helps “writes answers for testimony” of “the department’s senior leadership – basically they go over to the Hill for hearings on the department’s posture.”

— James O’Keefe via X (Twitter)

9 Responses

  1. Jason should lead from the front. But tyrants always want someone else to do their dirty work. Surprised he didn’t suggest using illegal aliens to get things done.

  2. I wonder if this will be like “back the blue” where all the Fudds chant it right up until the blue are going door to door.
    They’ll be going on about how the “rank and file” support the people and they’ll never listen to the brass right up until the APC’s are rolling down the street.

    1. Anyone stupid enough to “back the blue” deserves what they will get
      cops arent your friends and never will be, we saw this plenty during covid and the attacks of the Floydian Hordes when they did nothing

    2. Thank God he was stupid enough to say that.

      It will sure come in handy for the upcoming federal election ads.

      “No one is coming to take your guns”. Yeah, right… 😉

  3. and now they finally come out and say it, an official of the U.S. Government, a Pentagon Associate Director … what we knew all along what Biden had in mind (remember his threat to use war making military force against law abiding American citizen gun owners and do away with the 2nd Amendment)… Once again proving, for the ‘thousandth’ time in the last three years of the Biden administration, the greatest source of violent extremism in the United States is the left wing.

  4. No one said this except James O’Keefe, a well known liar and creator of fakes and edited manipulations.

    We can be 2A absolutists and call out the hypocrisy and lies from the Democrats on guns and gun policy, but pretending that O’Keefe is anything but a purveyor of manufactured outrage and a grifter is laughable. Have some self respect.

    1. “No one said this except James O’Keefe, a well known liar…”

      He has it on *video*, dumbass, that proves he wasn’t lying on that one…

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