Why Do We Do The Whole Daylight Saving Time Thing Again?

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  1. That’s the way you rack a slide, fall back and spring forward.
    Rack handling is a different matter entirely.

  2. You can rack a slide with one hand if you have a table edge or firm belt on.
    But rack handling is best done with both hands.

  3. Lamp,
    Can’t believe they did not censor some of this.
    You and I may be on some sort of a list now and if so they can hang it on a rack.(pun intended)

  4. Daylight savings time has screwed up the months. Over the years we kept hour forwarding until we gained a month. It’s really February. That’s one reason I’m late for everything, I’m trying to get back in sync.

    1. As a kid, I loved fall back, an extra hour of sleep.

      Spring ahead is torture… 🙁

      1. The extra daylight in the evenings is worth it though. I always look forward to this day. I do like the extra hour in the fall as well.

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