Virginia Bill Would Make Illegal GLOCK Switches Even More Illegal-er

GLOCK switch

As [Virginia’s 2024 legislative] session went on, the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a gun rights advocate group warned its members, “It is absolutely an all-out war (on lawful gun owners).” 

But as the session ends and attention turns to what Gov. Glenn Youngkin will sign, gun safety advocates still want to know what will become law.

Gun safety bills sailed through the General Assembly. 

A bill to ban Glock switches, also known as auto sears, is one of them. 

It’s a small device that turns a common handgun into an incredibly dangerous and lethal machine gun. They’re already federally banned. Former Loudoun County prosecutor, now Democrat State Senator Russet Perry, led the charge in the Senate to outlaw them in Virginia.

“It can be one of those things that gives states an extra tool to combat, you know, dangerous gun violence that most people can get behind and agree on,” she said.

It passed out of the Senate with bipartisan support. In the Virginia House of Delegates, a nearly identical Glock switch ban Del. Mike Jones, D-Richmond, sponsored has unanimous support. In initial votes, it did not get a single no vote even from a Republican.

“I’m proud of my Republican colleagues,” Jones said. “Everyone always talks about working across the aisle. This is one of those issues. Safe streets matter to everyone. It’s not a blue or red issue.”

The News4 I-Team found even gun rights supporters support it — sort of.

“I’m not going to lose any sleep if they signed that into law, because it won’t affect a law-abiding citizen,” firearms trainer Curt Sebastian said. “It’s not going to affect me.”

— Ted Oberg in In Democrat-Led Session, Gun Safety Advocates Ask Why Virginia Dems Won’t Get More on Gun Safety

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  1. The Virginia Republican party is full of traitors to the republic. The NFA is an illegal usurpation of power and Virginia has just doubled down on seizing power by force over consent of the governed.

  2. Silly. Most Happy Meals come with French Fry’s already. Perhaps, after 5 years, someone will ask if there have been any prosecutions and/or a statistical drop in gun crime.

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