When You’ve Lost the Seattle Times on a Gun Control Bill, You Know You’ve Gone Too Far

…HB 2118 pushes gun control to a level of punishment for legitimate businesses. The bill would require gun dealers to run annual background checks on their employees, carry $1 million liability insurance, install steel doors or bars at the business, and meet onerous requirements for storage and security systems with audio and video surveillance. Gun dealers would have to digitally archive some video for two years. Dealers would also be required to file annual reports with the state that attest to their compliance.

This bill would impose costs on small firearms sellers that could force them out of business and open even wider the black market for gun sales.

Some lawmakers may not like the selling of guns in Washington, but it’s a legal business. The Times editorial board praised the Legislature for enacting laws that banned the sale of assault-style weapons and ammunition over the past two years. But HB 2118 unnecessarily tightens the rein on gun dealers while using the public’s safety as a smoke screen.

The Seattle Times editorial board in Two WA Gun Bills Are Spot-on but a Third Is Unfair to Dealers

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  1. “Gun dealers would have to digitally archive some video for two years.”

    Tell you what, instead of the dealers doing the archiving, the state can pay for ALL it, cameras, equipment and hard drives, bars on the windows, steel doors and ALL installation expenses, if it’s so important to them.

    What? Suddenly, it’s not so important? 🙁

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