Duck Season’s Over, But Hang In There…Another One Is Around The Corner

By Chad Belding When the last decoy is lifted from the water, the last feather is carefully plucked, a glass of Jack Daniel’s is poured to celebrate with friends, and the final evening of duck camp wraps up, a mix of gratitude, pride, and sadness falls over us as another season comes to a close. […]

Gun Review: The Springfield Echelon – My Favorite Handgun of 2023

Springfield Echelon modular 9mm handgun review

In the world that’s full of semi-auto handguns, there seems to be a formula that works. Give it a polymer frame, make it striker-fired, chamber it in 9mm, and use a double-stack magazine. Add a rail and maybe give it an optic cut, and we have the description of basically every duty-sized pistol on the […]

Smith & Wesson’s Updated M&P15 Sport III AR Platform Rifle

Smith & Wesson rolled out the first M&P15 Sport rifle way back in 2010. It was a well-appointed, budget-priced “starter” AR-15 that just about everyone could afford. Seven years later they updated it with the M&P15 Sport II. The deuce got a forward assist and they changed the rifling from 1:8 from the 1:7 twist […]

Guns for Beginners: How to Finding a Trainer and Get Going

Owning a firearm for personal protection doesn’t just stop once you get it home. You owe it to yourself, your family and society to acquire the training needed to properly handle and successfully deploy that firearm should the need arise. So, where do you go for lessons? How do you find a qualified firearms instructor? […]

SCOTUS Will Hear Arguments in Case Challenging Trump’s Bump Stock Ban Tomorrow

Slide Fire bump stock

The same Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that had repeatedly told [Slide Fire bump stock inventor Jeremiah] Cottle between 2008 and 2017 that his bump stocks were not illegal “machine guns” did an about-face after the Vegas massacre. At the direction of then-President Donald Trump, and backed by the National Rifle Association, the […]