Biden Export ‘Pause’ Effect: Ally in Need Looks Elsewhere for Small Arms

Joe Biden

The Biden administration continues to bludgeon the highly-regulated and constitutionally-protected firearm industry through any means available. The president kicked off his campaign for the presidency in 2019 by calling lawful firearm manufacturers “the enemy” and he’s still carrying out his plans to decimate the firearm industry no matter what…even if it means ignoring Congress and […]

Gun Review: Bersa TPR 380 … The Modern Option

I like Bersa. As far as budget guns go, they make some of the best, in my opinion. The Thunder series is likely their most popular gun series, and I’ve always enjoyed them. They’re very Walther-like without the Walther price tag. Bersa is also not afraid to experiment with the Walther PPK-esque design. They’ve released […]

Wargaming the Apocalypse: 4 Steps for Being Ready if the SHTF

Wargaming the Apocalypse violent protest riot chaos societal collapse SHTF

We would hope that the crash of AT&T services on Thursday 2/22/24 served as a wakeup call or at least as a lesson for the American masses. We are far too reliant on technology that can break down at a moment’s notice. The first cover story for the incident was a solar flare, but that […]

Action in the Courts: The Fate of the NRA and SCOTUS on Bump Stocks

This past weekend was essentially consumed by the parsing, interpreting, and spinning of New York Attorney General Letitia James’ numerous wins against the National Rifle Association and three former/current corporate officers. After a six-week trial and a week of reportedly contentious deliberations, the jury found that, as alleged in the NY AG’s case, longtime NRA […]