When Moms Demand Action Everywhere They Go

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  1. Growing up in NYC, we had cap guns, water guns, wooden guns, metal toy revolvers, dart guns, all sorts of guns. The Blue and Grey army set. Hundreds of molded plastic soldiers. Cowboy and Indian painted figurines. Toy bombers, tanks, jeeps with mounted machine guns. We watched Combat, The Gallent Men, Rat Patrol, and countless war movies, cowboy movies, and cop shows.
    So, all you Moms Against America, grab your self a super-soaker and go have a blast!

  2. Wow! Weapon’s of war are so easy to get? Ok then I can just stop by a military base and pick up a few MSR’s, right? Oh wait, can’t do that because they are not ‘weapons of war’ and I’m limited to civilian grade MSR’s that are actually physically, technically, materially, standards and testing wise, scientifically, and legally NOT a weapon of war. If that civilian grade MSR was a ‘weapon of war’ our military armories would be full of them but they aren’t because they are not ‘weapons of war’.

    1. The uneducated don’t care. “Weapons of war.” “Assault rifles.” “Ghost guns.” “Weapons of mass destruction.” “Common-sense gun control.” “Well regulated.” They hear these terms over and over from the anti-gunners — and they stick.

      When pro-gunners try to explain, their eyes glaze over and they hear what Charlie Brown hears when an adult is talking — waaaaah waaaaah waaaaah.

      Pro-gunners don’t have catchy little phrases that illustrate these concepts. That’s why the pro-gunners are losing the semantics war.

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