Galco’s New Handmade Thunderclap Premium Holster

You can carry your 1911 is all kinds of holsters from nylon t0 Kydex to leather. But when you want something…nicer, either for everyday carry or to tote that barbeque gun around, Galco’s new handmade Thunderclap rig will fit the bill. Perfectly mated to everyday carry guns or elegant special-occasion pistols, the Thunderclap offers a […]

Hands On with the Spyderco Stretch 2 XL Lightweight Salt

The Stretch 2 XL Lightweight Salt is the latest in a long line of Spyderco folding hunting knives. The back locks started out 30 years ago, and have gone through a series of tweaks, refinements, and variations along the way. The Stretch 2 XL bumped the size up, and the Lightweight versions added FRN scales […]

Let’s Look at Jason Kander’s Dishonest, Bad Faith Arguments About the PLCAA

Jason Kander

If I could change one gun law… #TikTok — Jason Kander (@JasonKander) February 15, 2024 Like a lot of people, Jason Kander felt compelled to issue a statement pontificating on the need for tighter restrictions on gun rights after the Kansas City Super Bowl parade shooting.  Hence the six-minute video, above. But some some […]

NRA On Trial: It’s In the Jury’s Hands Now

With apologies to the reader who angrily asked “Why are you so consumed with the NRA?” and threatened to unsubscribe if we persisted in writing about it, it seems there’s no relief in sight, at least not for the immediate future. The jury hasn’t returned a verdict in the New York trial, and the story […]